Types of Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid comes in many forms, which means you may be tapping into multiple sources of funding when you pay for college. Most need-based aid comes from federal and state programs and requires that you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Other aid can be awarded based on your academic merit, background, or through work study programs. Each student's financial status is different. Discover what your options are by viewing our resource list below.


Grants are gifts awarded based on your level of financial need as determined by the information you provide in your FAFSA. They do not need to be paid back.

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Student & Parent Loans

Loan aid is money that you borrow from the government to help pay for college. Loans will eventually need to be paid back.

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Scholarships can be awarded based on merit, need, or other achievements. When you receive a scholarship that you've applied for it does not need to be paid back.

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Work Study

Through the Federal Work-Study program, Mesa students with a demonstrated financial need can take advantage of on and off-campus employment opportunities and earn money that can be put toward paying for tuition and school fees.

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